Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Monday Project!

It's always interesting when Dylan and I do projects together. We think we communicate well until we work together. Our personalities when it comes to completing tasks are too much the same. We both want to be in control and both thinks the other person knows what the other is thinking. Needless to say, after wiping on five coats and cleaning off four, and an hour of frustration later. Here is our finished product. I still have mixeds feelings about the results. Dylan says he likes it, but I think he just wanted to be done.

I purchased this vinyl lettering from they were great to work with. Check out their website.


Janie said...

I love it! Did you put a clear coat on top of the letters or something?

kira lee said...

i've always wanted to make something with they vinyl letters!

Sarah said...

We glazed it with a stain/glaze, it was a pain in the but!!!