Friday, November 30, 2007


Since I am a follower, I must post my completed tree also. I loved everyone elses pics, way better than mine. I had to forgo the Martha Stewart garland. I started to make it but it took way too long. I wish I had her people at my disposal. It was beautiful garland, if your every on bed rest you should make it :). It's a piece of stale popcorn, yellow raisin, crazin, yellow raisin, piece of popcorn, repeat the pattern. Here's to the Holidays!!!!


Haley said...

Sure, why don't you just one-up me. Thanks alot. Your tree is adorable. You have presents too...geez! You are on top of it!

Sarah said...

The presents are from Grandma and Grandpa!!! Claire is just a little spoiled, being the only grandchild on both sides.