Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Had So Much Fun!!

Yesterday, as you can see our car was loaded. Poor Claire!!! The grueling 11 hour trip is finally over. I Love My Bed!!!! We are so glad we got to spend a week with Dylan's parents it was definately worth the 11 hours!!!

If you ever visit northern New Mexico you have to visit our most FAVORITE place. We go there every time we visit. Rancho de Chimayo. The best mexican you have EVER had.

Sunday, we visited the very small Espanola ward. I have never seen anything like it. We also visited Grampa great!!!! I don't think Claire could quite figure out the whole nursing home thing.

Saturday, we donned our warm apparel and headed to the mountains for a Christmas Tree!!! Dylan loves doing this. I do not. I tried to enjoy it, but hiking around in the freezing cold looking at a million different trees with a crying three year old isn't my idea of fun. It was beautiful and I wish I would have taken a picture of the great tree the manly men hauled off the mountain.

Friday we woke up to snow!!! Darlene and I hit all the good sales. Claire, Ron and Dylan built a Snow Bunny. We only had one small disappointment on this trip, our beloved Boise State lost to Hawaii. Friday night we went to bed bummed.

Thursday we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. Dylan grossed himself out carving his first Turkey. He didn't want to each too much after that!! We also watched a lot of Football.
Wednesday, Dylan and I visited the square in Santa Fe!!! Lots of cool art galleries, handmade jewelry stores and Coldwater Creek, where I fell in love with a sweater.

Tuesday we had the most beautiful day at the Albequerque Temple!!! What can I say it was amazing.

Monday we visitied the surrounding Indian Pueblos. Dylans parents live very close, almost on one. We also ate good mexican food.

It was beautiful when we finally got there!!!!

The car ride was long and tiring!!!


My name is Andrea said...

I am so jealous of your tree hunt! I can't even look at our tree the same as I used to. I will find some way to make our tree hunt better next year!! I'm glad you had a great time...NM looks beautiful! I've only ever seen it from a plane. Glad you are back!

kira lee said...

so i cut my own tree this year too---very interesting experience!