Saturday, November 10, 2007

Whew, What A Relief!!!!

I tried acetone on my comforter and sheets after the nail polish incident. IT WORKS!!!! Thank goodness. If you try this just be careful what you put it on, because acetone is a very harsh chemical and it like to eat anything with plastic in it.


My name is Andrea said...

Sarah, Your header is so cute! How did you do it? Glad that you got the nail polish out, but we missed you at Erwin last night!

Sarah said...

I found a website called The have free pagesets as long as you put their link on your website. I love that they have stuff for most of the seasons and holidays. I still would like your help with my background stuff, and I would really love a custom header.

My name is Andrea said...

Cool! I'm still planning on tomorrow, so just let me know when! BTW, I really enjoyed your testimony today!