Monday, December 10, 2007

I Am So Frustrated

As many of you know we have been doing fertility treatments since September. Last month the doctor upped the dosage of my fertility medication. Unfortunately, I did not ovulate last month. HMMM??? How does that work??? I visited with the Doctor this morning and she was scratching her head too. The things that are supposed to be happening, like longer cycles and ovulation are not happening. She said give it a two or three more months and then we will explore more extensive options.
We have the worst insurance in the whole world and they are not covering anything. I don't think this is something we can keep doing. I just don't understand. Why isn't this working? Sorry to vent, my husbands sick of hearing it, I've got to get it out somewhere.


My name is Andrea said...

I am so sorry. This is one of life's many mysteries...why can teenage girls get pregnant in the back of a car and families who can care for children emotionally, temporally and spiritually cannot? I will remember you in our prayers!!

Janette said...

You'll be in our prayers too. Also a mystery to us. Gary's brother and his wife have tried unsuccessfully for 11 years now ... I'll never understand it. I'm so glad that you have little Claire though!! I hope that someday soon, your family will be able to see what this trial was really all about. HUGS!!

Haley said...

Sarah I am so sorry. I know this can be frustrating. I have a girlfriend that just had her second child, but the first one was adopted. She had been doing fertility treatments for a long time, and this little guy decided to come now. I hope all goes well with things.