Friday, December 21, 2007

Up or Down?

Yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher and I started wondering about the way I was putting the glasses on the shelf. I place mine face up. I have heard people say that you should place your glasses face down. Does it really matter? If so, why?

I like mine face up because I don't like the idea of the part your mouth touches touching the shelf. Probably because was have lived in some nasty apartments and even after I wiped down the shelves I was still afraid to put anything on them. Just a question to all of you out there.



Janette said...

We put ours up for the same reason. It grosses Gary out the other way. I don't think about germs. It's both a blessing and a curse. lol.

brianne said...

We put ours up too, but I didn't really give much thought as to why. I guess because you can just take it out and start pouring into it. None of this turning it over nonsense. Although, I guess I do put cups like hot chocolate mugs upside down...maybe because they don't get used very often and that way you don't have dust sitting at the bottom.

I love random thoughts like this. I also wonder which way people put their toilet paper on...with the end over the top or behind the back? I'm an "over-the-top" person myself in case you were wondering :)

kira lee said...

very deep---i put my down because i am always afraid stuff will fall into the glass, or that dust will gather if it is faciing up.

Sarah said...

i'm an over the top person too. in more ways than one :) That way the end of the toilet paper is easy find. I hate having to hunt for it.

My name is Andrea said...

I put my cups down because my taught me to do it that way. I thought everyone did it like that!! I just always thought that it was so that dust doesn't get in your clean cups!?!

I prefer my TP over the top, but have been known to do it the other way too!