Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ward Party

Last night was our ward Christmas party. We had a lot of fun. There was two things Claire did that was so dang cute. First, when they asked the primary to come up and sing, she insisted on going up. She stood in front and pretended to know all the words. It was so cute 'cause I could tell she was trying so hard.

Second, Santa visited us at the party. This was the highlight of the week (she literally talked about this event all week long, since they announced Santa would be coming in Sacrament Meeting).
We were supposed to sing Santa Claus is coming to town so Santa would come. Claire was singing at the top of her lungs. When it was finally her turn to sit on Santa, I could tell she was petrified. When she was done I asked her if she told Santa what she wanted and she said no.

Later, when we were getting in the car I asked her if she had fun sitting on Santa and she said, "Mom that wasn't the real Santa, it was some one's daddy." It broke my heart. She is only three. I guess I'll have to take her to Stonebriar to see the "Real" Santa.

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Janette said...

Who was Santa? We missed it cause I'm a dork and scheduled something else that night. Claire is adorable!