Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love Maroon 5!

I am one of those people who when asked what my favorite music or group is I usually say most everything but rap. I love music, I love singing along at the top of my lungs, Claire and Dylan are always telling me to tone it down. But. . . .

The one group that I fall in love with every time I hear there music is Maroon 5. The CD, Songs About Jane could possibly be the soundtrack to my life. I was stoked when they released their new CD last year, but unnerved when they dropped the "F Bomb" too many times on it. Really, they are great musicians, why do they have to do that? Consequently I did not buy it, and only listen to the radio/edited version. I think Claire knows all the words. (That's why I didn't want to buy it I didn't want her to know ALL the words)

Driving home today we were listening to the radio and on came Won't Go Home Without You, once again I was reminded how much I love these guys. Good, Good music. So if you haven't heard of them (have you been in a cave?) check them out.

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Chella said...

I heart Maroon 5 too. Always a great CD to sing along with.