Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Real Me

Yesterday, I got a lot of flack for my ovulation post. Especially from Dylan, (I shouldn't have showed him) I didn't think he would care that much. But this is me, take it or leave it. I do have a tendency to share TMI, and sometimes it does kick me in the butt, for the most part its liberating to me. I did get worried last night, thinking what if my Mother had read that post, so what if she had. She probably would be embarrassed for me, like the rest of you. So no harm done.
Like I told Dylan last night. I have dealt with this infertility crap for the last seven of eight years. This is the only time where I feel like I have an outlet and people are cheering me on!!! So thanks for being my cheerleaders and helping me through this difficult time.


Janie said...

Alas from my often contreversial blog - I have found that if you only write for your readers and not for yourself - it will lose something in the end - I think its very heartwarming to share your struggles - there are women reading who take solace in you sharing. You're awesome!!!

Eliza said...

I hope that you get some really great news, say in about two weeks!!! I'm sorry to hear that such endeavors haven't come easily. You're definitely in my prayers. husband gives me flack sometimes too because he thinks I'm too open about similar information even with people I don't know (on chat boards like but it helps me to talk about it at times, so I say no harm no foul done!

p.s. I was so excited to find your blog and Kira's blog!!

My name is Andrea said...

dude! don't be embarrassed! i love that you share. and i think that is one of the awesome things about blogs...we can share things and get to know each other better than we would otherwise. i love that you share your hopes and fears with all of us...and i love you!

kira lee said...

don't worry, i suffer from TMI syndrome too.

even at christmas i heard mom tell me about 5 times, "you should say you have to use the restroom....not i have to pee."

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

my middle name is TMI and my favorite word is poop. what is a girl to do?

Janette said...

It actually made my entire day on Tuesday. Anytime I needed a good laugh, I thought about you ... now I'll just be hoping and praying that this is your month!

Ryann said...

I LOVE it that you put it all out there. I do to and get a ton of flak (?) for it all of the time. Really, what is the blog for if not for you to let everything out? It is my public journal.

Enough of that...Hope that you had a busy few days. Afterall, the practice is the most fun!

mary elizabeth said...


I don't think you should have to really sensore how you really feel -- this is something that is obviously close to your heart and is important -- who cares what other people think! I love having somewhere to go where I can just say anything and know I am just being true to me & my feelings!

Hope all goes well! My thoughts & prayers are with you!

(and thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!!)