Thursday, February 28, 2008

Remember All The Crazy Things Your Mom Did To Your Hair

Last night Claire took a bath before bed. When she was done I asked her if she wanted me to braid her hair. She was excited, so I took a half and hour and braided it in little braids. This morning when I took them out I had a quick flashback to all the times my mom made me sit on the floor Saturday night so she could put my hair in rollers before bed, "So it would be pretty for church." It was never pretty. So, I'm sorry Claire that I did to you what my mother did to me. She looks like she walked out of Napoleon Dynamite, I should have put her pony on the side.


My name is Andrea said...

I've done similar things to Liza...I was sorry too. She just does her own hair now!

kira lee said...

oh the rollers!!!

Chella said...

When I have a girl I will be clueless what to do! I have hard enough time with my own hair. 'Good time' memories with the rollers!