Friday, February 29, 2008

What The Heck??????

I just got the mail and found this:

Dear Sarah,
Your jury summons for 3/4/08 has been canceled. You will not be rescheduled at this time; however this does not constitute serving. Your name will be put back in the jury pool to serve at a later time.

Thank you for the time allotted to serve as a juror. We appreciate your commitment to the justice system.

First: Who told the jury clerks that I went psycho and they better cancel me for jury duty???
Second: This is a blessing cause Dylan is gone, and who knows when he will be back.
Third: I am so bummed~ I want jury duty.


kira lee said...

don't worry you'll get your chance.
this is definately a blessing.

Janie said...

Oh man I was getting excited for you. But don't feel bad at least you didn't go and wait almost an hour to just be sent home. I was so mad that day, cuz just like you I want Jury duty too!!!!!!!!!!

Janette said...

It was me ... I called them ... I spilled the beans. They said that they need to save you for a really 'good' case. Whatever that means.