Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Is Up In The House of Love!!

Short summary of the last few days:

Saturday: Went to a business dinner with Dylan~ very diverse and educated couple. It was a fabulous evening, and we even did a little missionary work.

Sunday: Went to Sacrament and came home~ I have been having terrible migraines and I just wasn't ready to face everyone yet. Had a dinner invite to Sara and Dave's started to head over to their house, when I started freaking out, litterally freaking out over a comment Dylan made about not wanting to go to the Doctor with me. I was hysterical~ Dylan drove around the block a few times telling me to calm down, but of course I was on one, so when Sara called to see if we were coming he made some smart A comment about me feeling sorry for myself and we wouldn't be ccoming. Yeah, that went over like a brick in the toilet. I hope Sara and Dave will forgive us. Finally, by nights end and lots of counsel from my go to gal- you know who you are- and my mother- and a sit down heart to heart with my husband, who bless his heart doesn't know how to handle this, all was better.

Monday: 1st thing in the morning we got a phone call letting us know that Keith, the store manager for Dylan's Austin store (he has been in a coma for the last week) passed away. Dylan was pretty shook up. They had been good friends. Then it was the trip to the Doctors where I knew the inevitable would happen. Temp nurse, no one filled her in about the miscarriage, so she comes in congratulating me on my pregnancy. That was like a slap in the face and the story of my life. I was furious, because I just knew that was going to happen. Thankfully, that Doctor came in and smoothed everything over. Finally, info I needed to hear. Too bad I had to wait a week to hear it. We finished out the day taking Claire to Spiderwick Chronicles, something tells me the book is better, and it was too SCARY for Claire.

There's my last few hormonal days. We are all still alive. In, fact I think we are all feeling better. Here's to getting back to normal.


Janette said...

Do you guys want to come over to play on Thursday? I'm going to have my neice here ... she's Claire too. It could be fun!! And it will get you out of the house ... and force me to clean mine. Really, you'd just be doing me a favor. lol.

Hang in there!! I'm always thinking about you, so please call if you need anything!

Janie said...

“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”
I know you feel like you are in the spinning teacups right now - its ok to feel crazy and "lose it" sometimes - I am sure your friends will understand the canceled dinner.
I am sorry to hear about Keith. Death, when unexpected, is confusing and hard to handle. Will you guys go to the funeral - if you need help with Claire let me know.

Sarah said...

Dylan is actually leaving for Austin tomorrow. I don't think he's heard when the funeral is. I would think it will probably be later this week. I have to stay here and babysit.

kira lee said...

remember my wise comment...
poo comes in clumps.
hope this week is better for you!

Janie said...

"poo comes in clumps" I am laughing myself to sleep tonight with that one - I like it much better than when it rains it pours... my other fav poo quote is "Nothing is more overrated than sex, and nothing is more underrated than a satisfying poop" - I'd attribute it to my friends grandpa but I can't remember his name.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

hum, my weekend consisted of the same ol anti depressants (yes 2 kinds and i still can't leave my property line) and pulling weeds. i recommend both!

have a better week!!!

hahah, kira that is awesome, poo can also spray in 15 different directions after mexican food. just saying, you never know were it's headed!

Chella said...

I just realized now from Janie's quote that I am reallly insane, because I think I'm doing fine! lol. Hang in there girl, things just have to start looking better for you soon. Come over on Thursday night for GNO-movies at my place. Anyone else is welcome. Around 7pm-as late as you can hang around.

Sarah said...

how did my blog turn into potty land???? Thanks Kira:D