Wednesday, March 5, 2008

eat Dessert First

We took Claire down to the pond at The Shops At Legacy. Its beautiful. We ate dinner down here a few weeks ago and fell in love. The weather was perfect and she loved the huge Koi swimming in the pond. Then on the way back to the car we stopped at this little pastry shoppe, Dylan had sold the ladies some furniture for their shop, it was soooooo cute and yummy. Check out Tart Pastry Boutique & Studio. Just looking at their pics you will drool. It was such a great day. When we finished their we went Bowling. Claire beat me. I S-U-C-K!! Dylan of course was the only one to beat 100. We are pretty pitiful, but at least we have fun being pitiful. So glad to have daddy back for a few days.


My name is Andrea said...

1. That picture on your header is prize winning material. I realize that with a model as cute as Claire, it's hard to go wrong, but that pic is over the top cute!
2. Dessert, yum.
3. Husband home! Priceless.
4. Husband leaving again, I'm so sorry...I can relate. If you need to get me! We'll do lunch!

My name is Andrea said...

5. How do you change the comments area to say something else? (like "thoughts on the subject.") Do tell! I looked at my HTML and can't figure it out, but I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box!

Sarah said...

its not in html, its under customize, then edit blog posts, then it will have a box that has like how many posts on a page and all that jazz, and you can actually erase the word comment, and put whatever you want in there.

Sarah said...

not the sharpest pencil??? you taught me most everything about blogging

Janette said...

I was wondering that too! Now I can change mine to "PEOPLE WHO ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE COOLEST PERSON ON THE PLANET, JANETTE". I think that will look real nice on my blog. Don't you?

Lyn Price's says "LYN LOVERS" instead of comments. It always makes me laugh. Wait ... do you know Lyn Price? Was she still in the ward when you moved in? I have no idea what I'm talking about.