Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Trip To H-E-. . . Oops the Zoo

Feel free to laugh as you read. Looking back it was hilarious, at the time it was not fun. Our day began with my brilliant idea of riding the train to the zoo instead of driving. I thought it would be fun cause I had never rode public transportation before. (It doesn't exist in Idaho). When we got to the park and ride and 11 a.m. every single spot was FULL. We drove around and around and around, till by some miracle someone left and we had to road rage to get the spot. Then we hike across the football field with two in the wagon, three whiners, one pregnant lady and one gimpy lady. Then all the kiosks were broke to buy the tickets, finally, a guy came and helped us buy our tickets. Then we didn't know how we were going to get the wagon on the train. We wandered around and the train was just getting ready to leave and another DART employee came out to stop the train and help us get on. EMBARRASSING. The whole train ride we got weird looks from people, they probably were thinking what I was thinking when I got home after the experience. ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! Finally, after what felt like a hundred stops, but probably more like twenty, we reached the zoo. When I looked out the window of the train I felt my stomach drop. Lines, long, long, lines. Hello, its Spring break, and the first nice day of weather, why wouldn't there be a million people at the zoo. Luckily, Janie had her zoo membership so we didn't have to wait in line. By the time we arrived the kids were complaining about being hungry, so first we stopped and ate lunch, and shuttled them on to the long awaited "Touch the Stingray" exhibit. Another long line, outrageously expensive and not age appropriate for children under six. All of the kids said the did not want to do that again. So by now Janie and I are exhausted. We herd the kids off to the little water park play area. We let the kids play and then call it a day. We didn't stop to look at a single animal. We didn't care. Kids whining and crying and we climb back on to the train with the awkward wagon. One falls asleep, three of them drive all the other passengers nuts, by their whining and crying. When all was said and done, whew! I felt like I could sleep for days. Janie said that Bill Cosby summed it up best in this skit.

At least we got cute pictures !!!!


cynthi said...

Ahhh...what fun adventures we have with the kids. That Cosby clip is great. Sometimes I feel like that after just a trip to the grocery store.

Amanda said...

Public Transportation is highly over-rated!!!! I LOVE my Van!!! LOL! I love Bill Cosby:) Did you go to the Dallas Zoo? The Ft. Worth Zoo is SO MUCH better....They have a fun train to ride too. Also between March and May the zoo gets 101 field trips a day:( It's not really a good time to go:( Sorry you guys had such a hard time!

Sarah said...

yeah we know better for next year!