Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Good Day!

First, Claire got to hold the chicks at Janie's. This kid is so good with animals. She definitely does not get that from me.
The weather was PERFECT yesterday and we decided since Dylan had the day off, (I think this is the first Saturday he has had off our whole marriage) we needed to get out and do something. He took us here. It was sooo cute, when we pulled in the parking lot Claire was ecstatic. Saying, "oh, thank you Daddy, your taking me to do something, thank you Daddy."
You can see why she was so excited.
While Dylan was buying the tickets she was beside herself.
She was so cute miniature golfing. It was hilarious.
Of course Dylan, the pro miniature golfer, kicked our butts. But, I did have one hole in one.

By the end Claire was ready to be done. 18 holes is a lot for a three year old.
It was a great day!


LaFish said...

What a fun outing! I love that picture of Claire with the baby chick!

Janie said...

She was amazing with the chickens, and with zeke too - she seems to have a way with animals! She looks SO grown up on the steps waiting. WOW

Chella said...

Cute Pics! Next time hand over the camera, so you are in a picture. ;)Rachelle