Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have You Ever Gotten Out Of A Ticket???

Saturday night, around 10:30 we were cruisin down Independence on our way home. The suburban was piled high with furniture and finishing equipment. There is a spot on Independence that is 35 mph, which is rare for this area, cause most speed limits on well traveled roads are at least 40 to 45 mph.
Anyho, Dylan was doing 47 mph in a 35, just in time to notice the SUV that turned out to be a police officer off of the road on the sidewalk.(Yes, he was parked on the sidewalk). Dylan quickly slowed and then of course we were pulled over.
The police officer was nice and explained why he had pulled us over and asked for Dylan's drivers license and proof of insurance. Well, the suburban is a company vehicle so I am not in charge of the insurance stuff, so of course it was no where to be found. Dylan told the police officer that it was his company vehicle, he said to keep looking while he went back to his car.
A few short minutes later he came back, handed Dylan his license told him to make sure he always carries his proof of insurance and to slow down, it is posted 35 mph in that area, and then he walked away. Both of us sat there stunned. I quickly said, "did you just NOT get a ticket?" "Yeah, I think so." mumbles Dylan. We pulled back onto the road and finished our drive home SLOWLY. I just kept saying, "You Lucky Dog!"

So have youever gotten out of a ticket???? If so how many???? I've only ever received one ticket for speeding, but I have been pulled over two or three times and have gotten out of it. Dylan usually ALWAYS gets a ticket.(That's just because he get pulled over ALL the time, in case you haven't noticed)


My name is Andrea said...

Where is it 35??

I worry about getting pulled over all the time, but in fact have not been pulled over for almost 12 years. (It was for expired plates and I got a warning.) Getting pulled over gives me heart palpitations. I shake and cry when it is over. I have not had a speeding ticket since I was 19, which is a miracle because I tend tohave a lead foot.

Sarah said...

Its 35 on Independence, South of Main and North of 121.

kira lee said...

lucky!!! i've gotten a ticket everytime i've been pulled over!!!

Janette said...

I have gotten out of 4 tickets. Yes, I said four. Ridiculous, I know. I haven't been pulled over since I was barely pregnant with Ryan. Even then ... I was going 43 in a 30, and I just told the officer that I thought the speed limit had gone up, but he assured me that it didn't go up to 45 until after the tennis courts. Whatever. He let me go.

Another time, the police officer said 'is there a reason why you're in such a hurry?' and all I could think to say was 'yes, I have to go to the bathroom really badly' ... he said 'don't let me stop you' and left ... didn't even ask for my info.

Another time was when we were on our way back from Nauvoo and I got pulled over for going 73 in a 60 ... I had thought I was going like 68, but my speedometer was off and I'm not just making that up either. The cop was nice and said that he could tell that my tires were new and that was probably what was causing the difference in speed ... even then, he should have gotten after me for admitting to going 68! But, he didn't. And no ticket.

The final one, was in high school ... and I got it dismissed in court. I was sited for running a red light ... it was totally orange ... and I went in to the judge and told him it was raining cats and dogs and it would have been more dangerous to stop ... which was the truth. He looked up a weather report ... and PRESTO, I was off.


Chella said...

My first ever ticket was when I was ninteen and living in Las Vegas. For the next 5 or so years I got pulled over for speeding more times than I can count. Mostly by motorcycle cops and they are ruthless and don't care what reasons/excuses you give them.

So I spent my early twenties going to traffic court and watching endless 'faces of death' movies! Usually the biggest, scariest male walked out because they couldn't handle it. These movies saved me from high insurance premiums and too many points.

So, I got out of one ticket which could have emptied my bank account. I was going over 20 mph in a school zone. Yes, it could have been very ugly. I just finished up taking a test at UNLV and I was late to pick up Justin because he had to be at the hospital. I was completely honest to the cop and he let me go! I was stunned. I didn't tell him that it was Justin's wisdom teeth being pulled but that just seemed like info. he didn't need to know about. He even offered to get me home and to the hospital, but I declined the offer. Whew, that was a huge blessing.

I have been ticket free for the past few years (knocking on wood) and hoping it stay's that way.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...


when I was in college I managed to get out of every ticket, now that i'm old it's almost a guarantee.

Janie said...

NO I havent' but I have almost been arrested for screaming at a cop. Yes I have a temper. Its a long story... I should blog about it

Sarah said...

Janie, you should blog about it.

Chrystalee said...

My first ticket was in high school with my boyfriend in the car with me. Speeding in a school zone ... went to school for that one. The second one I bawled and told the officer that my parents would never let me drive ever again and I still got the ticket for expired tags on my DADs van. It was dismissed in court and my parents didn't ground me that time because it was my DADs fault.

I've had one ticket for wasting finite resources (aka: going 5 over the speed limit on the freeway) and he had the gaul to tell me I was working in a mans world and to change my profession ... oohh, story behind this...

One ticket here in Texas for speeding which I totally deserved.

And the only ticket I've been able to get out of was coming back from AZ to TX (a 20 hour affair for our family - usually non-stop). I saw him at the bottom of a steep decline and sure enough he pulled me over. I told him my cruise was on and he asked if I had seen him. I lied and said no so he told me to check my spedometer and left. Wheh... so then I spent years feeling guilty about lying about seeing him!!! I'm not sure that getting out of the stupid ticket was worth the years of guilt that followed!!!

Bethanne said...

I got out of a ticket (on an army post...those checkpoints come out of nowhere!) because my mom called and told the judge that I was making googly-eyes with my boyfriend, causing me to be stupid and not find the registration. Seriously, that is what she told them...and they let me off. hahahahaha

Otherwise I drive slow as a grandma. I'm woman enough to admit it.

Blacker Blog said...

I used to get pulled over, and get tickets all the time when I was 16 for parking wrong at the seminary building, or not switching my registration or speeding. Then I didn't get pulled over until last year. I had a tail light out, and my driver's license address hadn't been changed since we moved. He told me to take care of it right away, and let me off. I thought Dekan would be at least interested that a policeman was talking to us, but he didn't say a word then or thereafter - almost like he wasn't there. Weird.