Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Was Just Reading

I think its pretty bad when you have to start looking up blog ideas. Hello, I do have a brain here and it is chalk full of garbage that needs to be regurgitated somewhere. One suggestion I read was to make a list. So here's my list for today.

1. Get out of these pajama's (I would stay in them all day if I could)

2. Take a shower, fix my hair and put make-up on BEFORE guests come

3. Have a playdate for the girls (I say for the girls, but its really mom talk time ;)

4. Plan Meals (I utterly hate this task, why is it so hard to think of meals to cook?)

5. Make grocery list

6. Go grocery shopping

7. Go to the bank

8. Finish paying bills

9. Take out the trash (piew that diaper stinks)

10. Go on a walk with Claire and let her ride her bike

11. Make dinner

12. Take the movies back (they were due three days ago, thank goodness for no late fees)

13. Stake Temple recommend interview

14. Come home and snuggle with Dylan on the couch. (Our nightly ritual)

News Flash that I haven't shared with the blogging world!!!!! I am officially going on hiatus for a month in May. Claire and I are going to Grandma's house for one whole month. Sounds exciting now, we'll see how long it lasts. So, to all my readers in Idaho--- call me when I get there and keep me occupied, so it is enjoyable. Other news I haven't shared is that my parents are finally coming to Texas to visit us in August. We will have been here almost two years and they still haven't been here. What a great birthday present Mom and Dad. I can't wait. I have really been missing the fam.

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My name is Andrea said...

Guests? You get guests?

My list:

1. Choose black sweats or brown sweats.

2. Ignore the rest of the list.