Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Kind of Friend Are You???

I was going through my senior scrapbook looking for photos of myself to share, because I have realized I never blog about my life. When I turned to this page I couldn't but stop and think about all the great friends I have had. These pictures were taken my junior year of high school. I still keep in touch with three of those four girls. One of them I would consider one of my truest friends.
I started thinking about me and friends. I usually have a handful friends at any given time, if I move away or my friend moves away I have a hard time with keeping the friendship going. Something to do with my abandonment issues. It seems like though, I always have one really, really good friend, but it tends to cycle. Often times I feel so grade school, like I am betraying a friend when I do stuff with another friend. Dumb I know.
More than anything I feel that a true friend loves you for who you are and would do anything for you. I have a hard time when I feel like that kind of feeling isn't reciprocated from my friends.
Since moving here to Texas I was lucky to move and have Sara, a friend from High School, living so close by. She definitely made the transition so much easier. I don't think I would have survived the first year here with out her.
Janie, so much to say. One of the best friends I have ever had. I don't think anyone has talked me off the ledge more times than you have. Often, I feel too needy with Janie, I am so grateful to her, she is the "realest" (I know thats not a word)person I have ever met. Love You!
Meredith~ wow, she is such a great example to me. I love being around her because she is always inspiring me to be a better person.
Just recently, Andrea, Rachelle (who left me), Janette, and Haley. Women, that when you take the time to get to know, your life is truly blessed. Thank you ALL for being such great friends.

So, what kind of friend are you???

"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." -- Elbert Hubbard


Sarah said...

P.s. I think our friends our here to helps us! I know that its not coincidence that we are friends.

Bethanne said...

Sarah, I think your friends are just as lucky to have you! Seriously, you are one amazing person...and I don't know you as well yet (but I love learning more and more about you...I take a long time to open up myself...) Anyway, isn't it amazing how the Lord places a handful of "soul sisters" throughout our lives to be our best cheerleaders, confidantes (besides our husbands of course) and playmates? Those that teach us so much and that we wouldn't hesitate to ask for help?

My name is Andrea said...

It is incredible how affected we are by friendships and how as our lives change, our friends and what we need from them changes. I love having you for a friend.

As I've gotten older, I have appreciated this saying more: "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

We could have a lengthy conversation about this...

Chella said...

I don't know what I would do without the friendships I have made along this journey of life. It seems that I have had lots of friends for brief periods of time, some of them I keep in contact with and others I don't. But, in the end they will be apart of who I am forever. They taught me something that is now part of my character. In return I only hope I touched their life in some way too.

Thank you Sarah for being one of those great friends. You are an amazing, sweet and talented person, with so much good inside of you.

When you gave me that book, I cried, and I still cry about it. That was one of the nicest things anyone has given me and I will always treasure it.

Love ya girl ;) This quote say's alot to me about true friends...

"Your Knock. Your face at the window. No need to rush around, shoving things under cushions. No need for guilt that the ironing's teetering on the chair. No need for the best cups. No need for regrets that there are only broken crackers left.

"Come in. I'll put a kettle on." "Now - what's your news?"

Sorry about the novel!

My name is Andrea said...

Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same.

kira lee said...

oh how i remember that jean vest and red shirt...

and how much fun i've had catching up on your blog...you flying care bear balloon.

Janette said...

Lately, I'm the kind of friend who calls when I need crap! lol.

You, Sarah, know how to be a very good friend to everyone ... that's why everyone loves you!!

Janie said...

Meg quite often tells me I am not good at making friends. I like a lot of people, but get close to few. You Sarah are also one of the BEST friends I have ever had. You are very high on the list of why Kyle and I were supposed to come to texas. You truly know the real me and you still like me! And you, what can I say, you're awesome chick! Especially the poofy bangs in those pics. I LOVE IT!

Benteti5 said...

I enjoyed this blog. I'm kristi BTW, came in from Janie's blog. I often think those very things. I'm also the kind of person that needs friends. My husband thinks it's weird because he needs no friends. Must be a childhood issue of mine. I'm not the easiest person to be friends with, though. My theory is that those people who have really close friends, as you obviously do, do because they are in return really great people.

Haley said...

When I found out you were my visiting teacher, I was thrilled. I admire you so much and all your talents. I am also very excited to be walking with you 3 times a week! Does it get much better than that? Having an amazing person to pass 45 minutes of time with 3 times a week?

I feel that the best kind of friend around, it someone that loves you for exactly who you are. We have talked about our struggles with friendships a lot lately, and I am so happy that you are mine. I also love Miss Andrea, and the rest of our blogging buddies. What a good network we have. Don't you think?

Ryann said...

Although I do not personally know you, I feel a lot closer knowing that you value Janie so much! I just had to echo what you already said and that is Janie is FREAKING AMAZING!! You are so lucky to have her in your daily life and you should so take advantage of that!!!

I hope that someday when I get to Texas, Janie can introduce me to you. I just like you more and more every time I visit your site and am super sad that you're dissappearing for a month!