Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Masculine scrapbooks are the hardest!!! It's so hard for me not to add fun cutsie things.
I hope this is what y'all were looking for and not too crazy for a mission scrapbook. :D


Bethanne said...

That looks awesome! Dan asked me to scrapbook his mission and I had the same problem...of course, I never finished because then I had a baby and then I got too busy. But when I get back to working on it, I'm going to have to come to you for advice! :)

Sarah said...

i too, started one for dylan quite a few years ago and it was too overwhelming, especially since none of it meant anything to me, and he wasn't willing to sit down and go through it all. i gave up. i even used some of the paper i had been lugging around for his on this one :D