Friday, July 4, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Thank you to the fabulous Jim Ray for sharing his great tickets with us!!! Wow, Jim you live the life. Founders club, three rows behind home plate, and all you can eat at any of the "clubs" there. The girls were in heaven!!!!! I think the last time I went to a baseball game I was their age. It was definitely worth the hot, to be out and have fun. This is a great "family" thing to do.
They got to hug the mascot a million times cause we were sooo close.
Do they look like they are enjoying themselves??? This was after the hot dog, hamburger, chips, cookies and drink, but before the cotton candy and more drinks.
MMMMMMM! Cotton Candy, but Claire still prefers chewing on the paper holder, what is up with my kid?????
Definitely finger licking good. After Ella finished almost all her cotton candy in less than five minutes, she said, "I don't feel very good, can we get a snow cone?" I had to laugh :D

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Bethanne said...

That is awesome! We took the kids on Thursday night to the game and Leah wanted to spend most of the time at the playground out in left field. Nice seats BTW, Leah would be so jealous of all the face time with the mascot (she LOVED Daisy but didn't get to touch her at all). The girls are so beautiful...the final comment about eating is hilarious!