Sunday, July 13, 2008

Without Mom

I talked Kira into
being my moral support for this one.
It turned out okay,
but still needs some tweaking
I definitely need to practice
sewing a straight line :D
I am pleased to say that when we
got the pattern cut out
we realized
that I had left the
at my moms
so I did all the sewing from
memory (more like guessing).


My name is Andrea said...

Share your talents! not fair! the purse is darling, by the way!!!

Chella said...

I love it! Send the pattern my way or better yet come for a visit and let's sew toghether. Really, it's cute. You are doing so many fun crafty things lately, I'm jealous!

Amanda said...

YOu are way too talented!!!!

The A Team said...

so cute. we should get together sometime and do something crafty.

Janette said...

You win! You rock!!

kira lee said...

the button was definitley the perfect touch, plus it will distract from the not-so-straight lines!