Friday, August 1, 2008

DuMb QuIz FrIDaY

Dang women's movement :D

You Would Make an Okay 1930's Wife

You have some of the attributes of an ideal 1930's wife... but you probably didn't intend it to be that way.
You don't buy into retro gender roles, though you do embrace your femininity at times.
A 1930's man may find you passable, but you probably wouldn't want anything to do with him.


shahna said...

1. I love the new font. Pyzam rocks, huh?

2. I love being told "You may just be an easygoing, pleasant person. With a personality like yours, you'd be a great wife in any era!" AWWW! That made my morning.

Chella said...

Funny Questions and laughing was what I needed. I think I checked two boxes, making me an ok 1930's wife!

My name is Andrea said...

did u use friends are talking once? i would like to think i am original, but int he back of my mind, i'm just thinking i have unconsciously copied someone....

My name is Andrea said...

i know...and i am totally worried that i am just not that original!