Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's your favorite????

The other day I was working in the other room

and Claire comes running in.

"Mommy, hurry fast, you have to see it."

I quickly follow unsure of what I am going to see.

I enter the family room just in time to see the end of a

Soy Joy commercial.

"That's my favorite commercial, mommy."


So, I rewind it-- Claire is laughing her head of the second time through.

She tells me her favorite part is when

the girl kisses the boy.



Before you leave this post thinking,

I am a bad mom

for letting my four year old watch

so much TV that she has a



you must know, that at our house, commercials are the

icing on the cake.


lives for


So, what's your favorite????


Janette said...

My favorite commercials are the AT&T Rollover commercials where the mom is getting mad at the kids and husband for throwing out old minutes. I think the best one is when the milk gets spilled on the old minutes and she pulls them out of the trash and rinses them off ... my mom would TOTALLY do that!!!

Janie said...

I like the windex commercial where she cleans the window while he is napping and he wakes up confused by the amount of light coming in and runs around saying "this isn't my house"...

My name is Andrea said...

I agree with Janette, about the milky rollover minutes...my favorite line is "but your sister is lactose intolerant, isn't she?" Heehee I also like the T-mobile commercial where the mom and dad are taking away minutes from their kids for fighting...

With that said, because of TIVO I really don't see a lot of commercials, but my FAVORITE commercial is this one:
"The world is just awesome!"

Sarah said...

thanks Andrea, I'd never seen that one-- love it!!! my mom used to sing us that song growing up and it was my favorite-- of course it had different lyrics-- a funny and feel good commercial at the same time :D

Amy said...

Mine are the home depot ones where the family is getting carpet and they are like..that;s it we got a babysitter.

BTW I love your daughter! She is so cute in our little Sunbeam class.

The Moose said...

I don't have a fav, Jon and I always laugh at one together but now I can't think of what it is. Don't feel bad about the commercials. William will come out of the playroom saying, "MOMMY, GUESS WHAT'S COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!?!?!?"

The A Team said...

ryan's always telling me about the newest toys coming out and what movies he wants to see.

i like the sonic commercials with the husband and wife...especially the one where she tells him that her body tells her what to do and he asks, "did your body tell you to wear that sweater today?" love it!!

Jody said...

No I didn't make the cake (Wal-Mart) and I like the sonic commercials too. They are just like the things Golden says on a daily basis.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

the gieco camemen... gotta love those hairy beasts.

btw, love the new background

Bethanne said...

Dan makes us turn all commercials over. Every single one.

But I thought it was hilarious about Claire loving it because of the kissing. Leah is doing that very thing. The giggle, the blushing and the wanting to read and see more! What a funny age.

Kendra said...

During the olympics there have been some awesome GE commercials. But I love the crossover car commercial with the hunky guy. And I too love the rollover commercials, especially the way the mom points her finger at the laughing family at the end, so good! And the Sonic commercial about the wife's mustache, ahhhhahhaa. "Honey, You can only see it in the sunlight, don't worry about it..."

Kendra said...

Oh yeah, Utah has some funny local commercials, but I don't actually think they were intended to make one laugh....