Sunday, September 21, 2008

i♥this button-- but making this post has given me grief!

for the
html code to make
my own buttons
If you would like a
link button
my Etsy shop

copy and paste the following code into your sidebar:

<a href="">
<img src="" />

p.s. i also made the "i believe" button on my sidebar-- if you want one, let me know and i will send you the code :D


My name is Andrea said...

It won't copy...Fix it! I want one! :o)

Sarah said...

there you go miss andrea-- who knew that blogger was such a butt!!!!

shahna said...

I would love the "I believe" button. Can u send it to me? You know where to find me. Thanks again for spending the morning with me! Blessings upon your head, dear Sarah!!!!

Chella said...

Send me the "I believe" code too. That is super cool. Thanks.

Amanda said...

LOVE your button!!!! I was no help in the matter:) Seeing as how I will have to have Steve add your button to my blog....we all know I am a computer dummy! I would also like to have the I believe code! YOu did an awesome job with both those buttons!

Amanda said...

I am proud---I actually finally learned how to add a button to my blog myself:)

Janette said...

Will you send me the 'I believe' button ... and tell me how to put it on my blog? You're the queen!