Saturday, September 13, 2008


This post is for my
beautiful and talented
She just opened
full of cute
In tribute to her,
I just have to say that I have
thoroughly enjoyed
last few weeks that we have spent together.
I know I have been a crazy crafty queen bee--
and she has put up with
my craziness
my never annoying four year old
who likes to find her way into
Aunt Ya-Ya's
bed every night.
I am so sad to see her go.
Many years separate my sisters and I,
so my relationships with them are different
than the relationship they share together.
My two sisters are three years apart.
They are definitely water and oil,
and best buds at the same time.
Something that I have found myself wanting,
and to some degree have found in the last few weeks.
Kira, your resiliency has amazed me.
This past year has been a real kicker for the both of us.
I can honestly say that after my last miscarriage
things were definitely easier because you were here.
Thanks for being my pinch hitter, when I've procrastinated
you've been there to save my butt.
i love you sis and can say that
i feel like i'm losing
a diet counsellor
a personal trainer
my example of spirituality
a dishwasher
a design consultant
a storyteller
some one who tells me the honest truth
life coach
you will be missed.


Janette said...

I'm so sad that it didn't work out for you to stay, Kira!! Good luck in Idaho!

kira lee said...

you weren't supposed to make me cry!!! i think you talked me up a little too much! i have enjoyed being here with you and will miss you soooo much when i am in idaho. thank YOU for being MY diet counselor, spiritual example, and everything else!!! LOVE YOU!!!

when did we have corn???

Janette said...

How do you make the heart in your posts?

My name is Andrea said...

You make me jealous that you have a sister like that. I can only wish...Sarah, I'll be your sister when Kira leaves...

I'm sorry that she is going...

Chella said...

Wow...I could only hope that my sister would say such kind words to me. You are both lucky!