Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I♥All of You and I♥ ME!

Thank You
for bringing
to my
I want this
for my
more importantly
I want it
Let's break the cycle NOW!


shahna said...

I COMPLETELY Agree. That is why I like the gym I go to (Cooper Fitness). They are really all about WELLNESS not being a certain size or body type. They emphasize good nutrition and health every bit as much as they do "working out" through free lectures and cooking demos. I want to communicate the same idea to my 3 girls that I work out to be healthy - not in pursuit of a size double zero!!!

My name is Andrea said...

I loved that video. We all waste too much of our time worrying about our weight and what we look like nekkid. I want my daughter to feel healthy and good about herself, no matter her size...and me too...

The Moose said...

I guess this means I can't go eat ice cream tonight huh? Kidding - but I agree with you guys - we act as if our body image is all there is to love or hate about us ---- NOT TRUE!

Amanda said...

Totally agree with that and everything everyone has said here:) I think in my teens I was obsessed with this! I sm so glad I have grown out of it...and in my 30's I realize that does not define who I am . And HF does not want us to feel that way a bout our bodies and spend all our time/energy/money obsessing about it!

Janette said...

It's so true, eventhough I couldn't read half of that video because it was going too fast for my learning impaired brain.

Being pregnant with this baby girl has opened my eyes: no more dieting, no more snide comments, no more 'fat' talk. I want more for her!

Bethanne said...

Omigosh, I loved that. I was a little late in reading it, but I'm sure glad I did!