Sunday, November 30, 2008

I♥These Guys

Love this poster
Someone I ♥ will be receiving it for Christmas
Now for a once in a lifetime rant from Sarah
Never in my life would I expect myself to blog about
Moving to Texas has changed me in many ways
We have become a football family
My greatest fear!
not really, but I really never pictured me
caring about who is ranked what in what conference.
I am thankful for
my short weekly phone conversations
with my Dad regarding
Boise State
and their status in the BCS.
This year has been even worse.
Dylan and I were out to dinner for his birthday
November 1st
The restaurant we went to
had the
Texas vs. Texas Tech
game going.
The restaurant was going crazy
Needless to say we went home and finished watching what was a great upset.
Texas Tech beat #1 ranked Texas
We've been watching Texas Tech every week since.
I've been keeping track of who is ranked where in the top ten.
I've been sucked in to this scary man world.
We've had friends over to watch football
husbands have commented on why I know stuff about football.
If you know me I am an overachieving, brown nosing, nerd.
I would do and learn anything to be accepted and loved.
Okay, not anything, but close.
was one concession I was willing to make in my marriage.
My husband has enjoyed teaching me about it,
and in turn
I have loved learning.
I just didn't think I would care sooooooo much.
So here we are
a week away from
announcing bowl games and I am on pins and needles.
Boise State is ranked #9
I would love to see them play in a big BCS bowl game
Fiesta Bowl 2007 repeat
would be
but, alas
bowl games aren't just about who deserves what
they are about who will bring in the most
Boise State isn't a big
$$$$$ school,
being number nine they are at the bottom of the list
when it comes to getting a decent bowl game
the whole bowl game thing is dumb
every sport has playoffs,
except College Football
once again
its all about the
I think
Boise State and Texas Tech
would be a great match up
It would be even more awesome to see
Boise State crush Oklahoma State
once again
(definitely not happening this year)
So this week, I might just be saying a little prayer
for the Broncos
Is it okay to pray for a decent football game???


Eliza said...

My congrats to Boise State for their perfect season. And while Boise State does qualify to play in a BCS bowl (since they made the top 12) it's unlikely because the BCS is only required to pick the highest non-BCS team for a BCS bowl and Utah is ranked higher this year (#6). But I think it's sweet that three non BCS teams (Utah, Boise State, TCU) qualified.

...I've always loved even more now that I married a sports fanatic...and even more now that I live in GA where people live and breath the SEC conference... welcome to the club :-D

shahna said...

you are so cute. I can take it or leave it, to tell you the truth but I have two boys in the house that love football , so I subscribe to the theory that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We have gone over to watch the BYU games a couple of times with friends who are BIGTIME BYU fans and it has been fun to watch it as a group. I know what you mean about getting caught up in the magic.

My name is Andrea said...

Way to get sucked in Sarah! We prayed for the U over here, and it worked... :o) I would love to see Boise State represented...we'll put 'em on our prayer list. hehehehe

Jess said...

Yeah! Go BSU!!!! :)

KiKi said...

HAHA go sarah!! i hope bsu gets picked too!!! that would be aweosome!

Blacker Blog said...

I'm right behind you - go blue! Smurf Turf all the way, baby!! We shared that Feista Bowl moment with you if you remember, let's go for another repeat!

Bethanne said...

Okay, I think this post is hilarious. You have crossed over into the dark side, my dear. The dark side. :)

Laurie said...

When my family moved to Texas we moved to Southlake which is about the most football obsessed city ever. I was happily never sucked in though :) Glad your family is having fun with it though!


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

seriously, I read all I could which was like two lines, and then I literally saw blah blah sports blah blah football.....

I don't know what you said but I still love you.