Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Sentiments Exactly

Thanks Uncle Dean for writing what I have been thinking lately. How easy it is for us to forget in times of prosperity. May we always be thankful, for ALL that we have been blessed with.

Just a snippet of FHE at our house last night.

*Claire telling us ALL she knows about the "Programs and the Indians" :D-- Thanks Ms. Nikki for the great education, I truly was astounded at the encyclopedia of information that came out of my four-year-old's mouth.

* Feathers of thankfulness taped on a pathetic poster board turkey

* Even more pathetic banana bread-- burnt outer shell, soupy inner gooeyness

*And an enjoyable game of Sorry-- not because I won, but because my little family-- that is growing up way too fast-- was gathered around the table, the TV was off and we were having fun.

* The BEST part of my day yesterday was GOLFING!!! Dylan used his gift card and shared nine holes with me and Claire. It was my first time and it was fun. No I did not do well at all, but I think if I practiced I might get the hang of it. It was a titch chilly and muddy, and I ended up literally with mud on my face, but we had a VERY enjoyable time together. I was astounded at the cost-- and don't see us doing it often, but I was even more astounded at my husband so freely sharing of his birthday gift to spend some quality time with his family. We had a great morning.


My name is Andrea said...

Have I told you lately what an inspiration you are to me? Something I am grateful for? your friendship. Thanks.

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

its cute what kids come up with. we went to lowes for fhe and sang some songs in the bathtub. good times.

i love golfing. haven't been since before i was preggers with my first. my doctor wouldn't let me go and after the investment we made, i just did what he said. it was nice in vegas because we could go night golfing for super cheap. i'm not a fan at paying the high prices. needless to say i havent been since and really want to. it fun to have family outings.

happy turkey day. thanks for being my long distant friend.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of fun!!!