Friday, December 26, 2008

I♥ Christmas

The stockings were hung

The presents were ready

A short visit from Santa,

A gift for beddy
a snack for the reindeer
that almost didn't make it to the grass
Cake Balls for the Big Guy
To add pounds to his---- what rhymes with grass:D
In the morning new friends were made
And the playing began
A Traditional Breakfast at Ihop
To a Movie we ran
(I've never heard or seen Claire cry like this before in a movie)
A walk in the park
And posing for pictures

One happy family on this Christmas Day
Hope yours was as
Happy Holidays
*Sorry for not posting the video-- it didn't want to load :(


My name is Andrea said...

Looks like y'all had a great day! Lots more active than ours! :o)

Kendra said...

Merry Christmas! I love the poem. Are those cake balls any good, I've had the ingredients for a while ( I was gonna do it with the kids for Halloween) but I've been worried they'd be too rich. We need a tradition of eating breakfast somewhere on Christmas. Brian just likes to eat monkey bread for Christmas, I'd rather have no mess to clean up. No walks in the park here, we got over a foot of snow on Christmas. Add that to the snow from the previous weeks, and it is a winter wonderland here in Utah.

Amanda said...

Looks like the perfect day:) Sometimes it is hard to have both families here (I know that sounds bad...) b/c we never have special holiday time with just our little family.

Sarah said...

Kendra-- the cake balls are delicious-- not too rich-- and you can make any flavor-- depending on your cake mix--dylan has fallen in love

amanda-- i hear you about the family thing-- we used to live close and it was always so hard-- we love doing our own thing and developing our own traditions-- i must admit this year i was a little homesick and wish we were fighting over whose house to go to

Blacker Blog said...

You went to IHOP again? How funny - I thought last year it was an accident, now it's a tradition?!? Looks like Claire had fun - Merry Christmas! Thanks for the lovely party despite the awful outcome.

Eliza said...

What rhymes with grass, lol. Glad that you had such a wonderful Christmas!

kira lee said...

why are there four stockings?

Sarah said...

KIR- just a sublte way to announce----- NOTHING!!!! I got those for our holiday house and never took them down-- Dylan's mom asked the same thing when she came for Thanksgiving-- someone else asked too. NOPE, no babies here :(

cynthi said...

Christmas is so fun with kids, isn't it? Looks like you guys had a great day (besides the sickness afterward). Thanks for the Christmas card!