Saturday, January 17, 2009

Solution Anyone?

Me and my crazy hair were laying in my white pillowy soft bed this morning coming up with ways to save the world. Not really ways to save the world, but solve the economic problem we have put ourselves in. The more I thought about it the more furious I became. This is what I want to know.

*Why do businesses pay 1 MAN $52 million dollars annually to run 1 corporation?

*Why don't we, as a collective (I know there are some amazing people who don't fit into this category) ever get, that we need to live within our means.

*Why don't we learn from the past?-- hello just read the Book of Mormon already and ingrain that pride cycle into your brain.

So, my crazy morning hair and I were laying there looking around my room and, I thought-- I love my bedroom, I love my house, it would kill me to lose it. Insert swift kick to the head here. Duh, Sarah there's the answer to ALL of your questions. You care about something that doesn't matter.

We pay men $52 million dollars because we value things way more than we value anything else. We don't learn to live within our means, because we value things way more than we value anything else. And -- yes I am starting a sentence with and-- We don't learn from the pride cycle-- because, get this, we are human-- and obviously our generation wasn't smart enough to learn from past generations and we have to reap what we have sowed.

The easy answer to me is-- control-- control how much we pay our CEO's-- control how much we are aloud to HAVE-- then we won't care more about things-- Oooh, that's sounding slightly communistic and just a little like Satan's plan.

The free market system works-- when you have faith in Heavenly Father and trust in him. The free market system works even better when we have our priorities straight and don't let greed take over. Unfortunately, we are on the down-slope of this crazy cycle and fortunately we will make it through.

Bring it on, I don't NEED my house, I NEED shelter, I NEED my family, I NEED the gospel, and most importantly I NEED the atonement of Jesus Christ, so that imperfect prideful woman can find her way back to her loving Heavenly Father. Those are the things I NEED.

If you have the perfect solution, I would LOVE to hear it.


Janie said...

Like Bishop Platt says lately, live within our needs not within our means. I think of all the times I thought I would love it if I had X, now I would love it to never have X again and just have peace of mind. I'd rather be in a shack than feel this stress indefinitely.

Sarah said...

amen sista!! if we lived in a shack it wouldn't matter if our husbands found entry level jobs-- oh, what i would give to be self-sufficient right about now

Amber Hooten said...

I hear you! I have been thinking a lot about our day and how it is comparable to the days in the Book of Mormon as well. It is so hard separating our wants from our needs. You would think that being laid off twice in a year and a half would make me live within my means. We are still working on it. I hope that 2009 brings that for our family.

My name is Andrea said...

Faith and Obedience, Love and Charity.

That's my solution.

Amanda said...

It is so hard to go through tight finical times. Although I think what we really *need* to live on is so very little...I can't see myself loving life in a shack with no dishwasher and comfy beds...etc... I love my home it gives me a great feeling of love, safety and peace. My little world would be rocked if I lost it...I won't lie. I think the main thing to learn (which I need to LEARN once and for all) is "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

Janie I hear your comment LOUD and CLEAR over here:)

Amanda said...

had some bad spelling in that post--sorry!

Janette said...

I think what you were really getting at with your 'communist control' remark was 'moderation in all things' ... well ... that ... and REGULATE THE CRAP OUT OF THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY!!! Regulation in all things financial. Duh.

For now, everyone's solution should be, in the words of Captain Sullenberger, "Brace for impact". It's gonna get bumpy. Some of us are going to lose our houses, but not our homes. Some of us will lose everything that doesn't matter ... fortunately, they can't repossess our kids! Very few of us will come out of this mess unscathed ... but we will come out of the Refiner's Fire as different people. Hopefully, we'll be different for the better. Hopefully we'll have learned. And hopefully, someone will be regulating the investment banking industry, once and for all!!! Amen.

Bethanne said...

Can I just tell you how much I was thinking about you today? How honest and, well, amazing you are...I know its lame to post on a blog (sorry!), but I just wanted you to know that you are an amazing example to me. In many ways. Thanks for your "immovable faith" and testimony! I can only imagine what the Lord has in store for you after He eases up on your current trials!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

Wonderful post Sarah! and what Janette said!

I am exactly of the same mind as you at the same time. I was so worried about loosing my house, I have realized, it doesn't matter. Other things do, and we will make it out of this.

I want to make a bumper sticker, that says "Humble yourself, or He will do it for you!"

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

oh, my other solution is to make a post on my blog about a really awesome giveaway, pick my favorite respondor - and unveil the prize is me and my entire family moving in with them!

now that's a surprise and a solution!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

can Janie come over and take pictures of your crazy hair?

(i keep remembering these things after i hit post comment)

ok i will quit thinking now.