Wednesday, March 25, 2009

♥ Anniversary ♥

10 Things I Love About Dylan
1. He can fix anything, you name it he's fixed it.
2. When I'm upset and a raging idiot, he stands there looks at me, and gently says "come here" and if I won't, he'll come to me, and just hug me and let me cry.
3. He's patient. I'm not-- we are supposed to be together.
4. When I don't know how things are going to work out-- he has faith and always says, "quit worrying, everything will be okay."
5. When he tells me I'm sexy
6. If I ask for it, he builds it. Latest project-- my raised garden-- LOVE IT!!!
7. He is the BEST dad. Claire was sick yesterday. He took her to the store with him ALL DAY. When I asked if she drove him crazy, he said, "Nope, she was really good." (Picture Claire beaming in the background.)
8. He has a personality that everybody loves-- easy going, loves to talk, have fun, and just hang.
9. He works hard-- For the last nine years he has slaved-- and I mean slaved. He worked sixty hours a week when we were in school. He supported me so I could finish my dream of having a degree and becoming a teacher. He has stressed over this business and worked so hard-- the grey hair's have multiplied drastically in the last two years.
10. He continues to love me through the good and the bad. He has faith and wisdom beyond his years.
Dang I love this guy!!!!
p.s. he is the BEST kisser!!!!


Texas Lisa said...


Ryann said...

He sounds fantastic-you are a lucky lady!

My name is Andrea said...

awww, so sweet. you guys are perfect for each other...

maris and dylan have MANY of the same qualities...

Happy Anniversary!

Ian said...

The Pretty Things were a great band, that's for sure.

Ian said...

I saw them, along with Dylan, at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Bree said...

You ARE sexy! :)

Janette said...

Happy Anniversary! Y'all hang in there together! xoxo.