Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wives Of Entrepreneurs Club

I married a man who wants only to own his own business.
Sometimes I wonder if he wants that MORE than anything Else.
I need advice from women who are married to this kind of man.
All I want is a
with insurance and room to grow and move up.
Women-- I need to know how to be a supportive wife and a REALIST at the same time.
I am currently not doing a very good job.
I mean look at that guy-- what's not to love.


My name is Andrea said...

We've always lived on commission, usually a base+ comm, but now we are 100%. I really liked it last year, but this year, not so much. I would settle for less pay to have something that I knew was coming every month right now. It's a scary time...
You are a great wife, and he should be grateful that you are wanting him to be happy!! :o)

Tranquility said...

Well, I'm not going to be very good at answering this one. We've had plenty of money and we've been broke... but we are always happiest when my husband is doing what he loves to do and working, at least part time, for himself - even when that means we don't have a lot of money to spare. The insurance thing though... yeah - we've tried to go without and that's hard!
Can he find a job that allows him enough time to work for himself as well?

Sarah said...

my sentiments exactly-- get a job and do the other on the side. unfortunately he sees things differently than i do :D

Haley said...

I feel your pain. I know you want him to do what he loves, but in the end it boils down to RESPONSIBILITY. He isn't on his own. He has a family, and in my opinion, he needs to do WHATEVER it takes to support them no matter what. Do you think Nick loved the idea of doing mortages after doing what he LOVED for 3 years? NO WAY. But it is stability (to an extent). He can always phase into what he loves, but stability needs to come first, passion second.

Love you!

Amanda said...
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Janette said...


I married a dude that I knew was smart and capable of anything = cha-ching. (Just kidding) He graduated, top of his class, in Finance = job security. Right? Not.

Turned out that he hated sitting at a desk ... and I wasn't too fond of the dude who came home to me after sitting at {said} desk for 10 hours. He. Was. A. Grouch.

So, I adapted and gave up my hopes of serious cha-ching. lol. And he gave up the desk, 1/2 his salary, and went into construction ... and he loved it ... and I loved the guy who came home to me every night. And we've learned to live on hardly anything.

So ... maybe it's worth (and I hope I don't eat my words on this one) letting him {try} to do his own thing ... as long as you can find a way to make that work. Starting a business is financially draining.

Sometimes the {stable} job with the great benefits is 'pie in the sky' ... and you might end up really NOT liking the guy who goes to work at that job and comes home to you at night ... grouchy. :D

Love you!! :D

The Moose said...

From our experience, even if you work somewhere for 14 years and the pay is GREAT --- life can easily break apart before your very eyes when you don't love the job anymore. Taking a huge paycut and starting over again at the bottom is probably what saved our marriage. It forced us to work together, to be creative, and to do things as a family because we couldn't afford to go do our own things... make that lemonade my friend --- it's there somewhere, you just have to find those lemons!

Bree said...

I'm all for them trying to get something started on the side... but right now it feels like we NEVER see each other- so the side time is our only time together. As in, twice a week! So, I also have no solid answers... although If he wants a business partner, have him call up Dan.

Nikki said...

Ben is the same way Sarah. He is constantly working on his own ventures, and has been successful so far, but I too feel that scared "what if" feeling. Especially in today's times, a steady income is much more important when it comes to taking care of your family rather then following a dream. Perhaps you guys can compromise and he can do a small business on the side of a fulltime job....good luck, I totally get it.

MotherHenDesign said...

We were in a similar situation about 5 years back. Our youngest was less than a year old and my husband had been working for an insurance company for 10 Years. We made a decision as a family that he would leave his position there and go to work for himself, because the day to day of his job was getting to him and our family. We unfortunately made the wrong decision. We discovered that health care plans purchased yourself do not compare to those bought by an employer and that owning a business of your own consumes you totally, not to mention the financial stress. In the end my husband and I realized that we needed a steady paycheck and health insurance. My husband took a job as a finance manager for a car dealership...he didn't love the job (long hours and weekends), but he was providing what we needed as a family and he was making a great income. About 2 1/2 years ago, after a lot of prayer and reflection we realized as a family that we needed to have more time together...luckily God does answer prayers, because out of the blue one day my husbands boss from that insurance company that he worked for called and asked him if he wanted to come back! I wish you the best and I know that if you stick together as a family everything will work out.