Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I Love Blogging
I really do
I feel Blogging has
changed my life
good ways and bad.
I'm at that stage
where I'm wondering
how full time working moms
keep up with blogging???
My juggling act isn't running so smoothly.
When I walk in the door
5 p.m.
We all have food on our minds
then some quality time with
that weird little kid that runs around here
rounded up with mounds of guilt
over which daily chore
to half ass complete
or just ignore.
Yeah mom, I said half ass.
I've been thinking I'll just wait it out
and let myself get into this groove
then I realized
by the time I get into the groove
it will be
Summer Break
and then I can start
blogging regularly again.
So instead of feeling like
I'm cheating on a good friend
I'm just going on hiatus.
That way I can avoid guilt.
To all my friends whom
I regularly discuss blogging
and we have our own
bloggy language
Sorry, if I have to ask what you are talking about
It's up to you --- Janie :}
to keep me informed.
I'm still here
if I feel like I have a minute to breathe
I'll stop in
and write a quick note
getting locked in lockers
thinking Cowtown is a rural city in Texas
Effective ways to clean out black hole binders.
See I've got great stories
just no time to share them
and not exactly the perfect forum to share them in
So if you want a good laugh
stop by my house
any Saturday
when I'm sittin' around in my bra foldin' a months worth of laundry
sprayin' febreeze to cover up the stench of the dirty dishes.
No mom-- that's not really what it looks like around here--
I really do clean my house like you taught me too-- sometimes :D


Juli said...

You are too cute - I love your personality!

Amanda said...

you will be missed...but I can TOTALLY understand!

Amber Hooten said...

I love the picture to along with the balancing act. That is totally what it is. I felt that way last semester while trying to do student teaching. Just think...summer will be here before you know it! :)

My name is Andrea said...

I love that picture! That is how I feel 99% of the time...

I will miss you in bloggy land, but hope to see you in real life.

Keep up when you can and take care of you!!

8 weeks 'till summer!

Do you want to go to Idaho with me?

Jessica said...

Bye Sarah, I'll miss you, but I am excited for you to return in the summer.

Janette said...

I will miss you ... come back soon!! :D

Bethanne said...

Don't even feel guilty...seriously, you've got to set some priorities or you will feel even more overwhelmed! You are so funny and so strong though; I can't imagine you won't figure everything out!

Erin said...

Good, better, and best comes to mind. I'll miss reading your blog, but who's to say people can't talk about what's going on face to face. Good luck re-prioritizing and finding balance.

Bree said...

All I can say is A-MEN!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

good for you!!!
now I don't feel so guilty that i'm the only one with way tooooo many balls in the air!

so good to check in with you, I miss talking to you!

The A Team said...

:) -- simply for the "half ass" comment.