Sunday, May 17, 2009

Looks Cute, Right????

NOT!!!!Not so cute, when its eaten your
beautiful flowers
tomato plants
Oh, those wascally wabbits!!!!
I've been researching humane ways to get rid of 'em.
Dylan is in need of a hair cut--
we will be trying the human hair method first.
My last resort is


Lisa said...

fox pee? lol

Nikki said...

My grandpa (88 yrs old) sits on his front porch and shots them with a bb gun. You could try that after the fox pee lol.

The Moose said...

We had them last year and thought they were SO cute, so we fed them --- then we saw the aftermath of those cute little fluffballs. THIS year, we chase them out every time we see one in the backyard! It's too bad you don't have a little boy (re: fox pee) Little boy pee is free.

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

OH man, that stinks! Do whatever you have to. I just don't have any ideas.

The A Team said...

animal control has cages you can use. that way you can trap them and release them into the wild (way, way, way far from your flowers).

Melissa Jones said...

I've been using a product called Rabbit Scram, and it seems to be working quite well so far! You can buy it at Calloway's, and I'm sure a few other nurseries. Last summer bunnies and birdies devoured about 80% of everything I grew. It is MOST annoying! Unfortunately, traps will not work because there are far too many bunnies in our area, and nature doesn't work in a vacuum. Good luck!!!

kira lee said...

fox urine?