Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She Does It Every Time

Last Monday a friend of ours came over. It was late evening and he and Dylan were working on some project in the garage. Dylan was in the garage when he came, and I. . . well I was upstairs getting caught up on ALL My Blogs (its a new soap opera, haven't you heard of it?).
It just so happens I was reading Nie Nie, and well I can't read Nie Nie or her sister Cjane for that matter without shedding a tear. I know, it doesn't take much to make me cry.
So, I was blubbering away when the knock came at the door. I had to quickly dry my eyes and answer the door. I tried not to look at our friend and just hurried him in to the garage. I got Dylan's attention in the garage and tried to hurry back upstairs, to continue my good cry and this was what I heard.
Dylan: "Did it look like Sarah was crying?"
Followed with my husband running upstairs to ask me if everything was okay. If you know my husband this is highly unusual, he doesn't usually notice if I've been crying-- probably because I'm like that most of the time. I told him I was just reading blogs, and he went back down to the garage. I was just dying to hear the conversation in the garage when he went back down.
Needless to say I was embarrassed to show my face the rest of the evening.
That dang Nie Nie does it to me every time. I LOVE reading this blog, she has changed my life, she has changed my relationship with my husband and my child. I love her and her story with all my heart. Is that possible, when I don't know her? -- Ooh, now I sound like a freaky stalker. But, if you ever come over and I'm blubbering, you can assume I was reading blogs.


ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

I love reading too. I just can't imagine going through the trials she has one a day-to-day basis. It also makes me more gratiful for what I have been given.

Amanda said...

I love her too:)

Juli said...

Haha. You're so great Sarah! BTW, I am almost done with my bar stools! Thanks for the great advice and color!