Monday, June 15, 2009

A Few Down & A Few More To Go

{Dresser}- Check-- much better if I do say so myself

{Craft room}- Check. I know there were a few of you concerned for my saftey.

I'm still here with no injuries. It was a multi-day process.

I am waiting for Rochelle to come and beautify it for me.

Her's was the first craft room I ever fell in love with.

I did clean the closet.

Dylan's says it looks like ordered chaos :D

I could not believe how much fabric I have accumulated/had passed down to me.

I took a few hours just to fold and put it all away.

Whew! I finally have a clean space to cut fabric again. Without sitting on the floor.

Here is your sneak peak
{Claire's Desk}
Glad to see a little progress was made last week.
Gotta keep truckin' along!
Plenty more to do.
As we progress I am reminded of projects begetting projects.
Ever multiplying and NEVER done!


Diane said...

WOW! You are doing great! The room looks great! and I do love the dresser! now I feel a bit more motivated to go get organized/cross stuff off my list. I can't agree with you more on 'projects begetting projects'! Sometimes it drives me crazy!
p.s. I love reading your blog! :)

Amber Hooten said...

Good for you! It looks great. I need to do some things around the house to make my life feel in more order. My office/craft area is in need of a makeover. I am glad you did it!!! The desk looks great!

The Moose said...

I LOVE the dresser and the fabric on that chair is adorable! YOU GO GIRL! Can't wait to have your hands all over my list! ;) Will reply to your email soon, I swear.

Amanda said...

AMAZING! REALLY....I don't know if I have ever done that many big projects in one week since having kids...WOW! Looks wonderful:)

Tranquility said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe you accomplished so much in so little time!! It all looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Now that you got your craft room done, would you like to come over and clean mine up for me? :) Can hardly wait to see how you are going to pretty it up.

Annie said...

Way to go Sarah! I am very impressed, and ALMOST motivated to start on my to-do list! :)

Ryann said...

I love the dresser. I need to do that to Em's dresser and I have no idea where to even begin. Any chance I could get you to give me a tutorial?

Texas Lisa said...

Love it!

Janette said...

My projects seem to breed. I never knew that there were male and female projects, but my house is proof that they exist. AND ... they REALLY like eachother. Blah.

Your room looks amazing ... the dresser is adorable ... and that chair is the cutest peice of trash {literally} I have EVER seen! xoxo.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

I am so impressed with (and jealous of)what you can accomplish! I'm ashamed that I have nothing cleaned, or organized, or decorted.... well i didn't decorate for the bday party, but half the decorations are still up! great work!!!