Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Reading In Full Force

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you. My purpose for my neighborhood pool is reading. On really hot days, I may take a short dip, but for the most part, I go, let the lovely Claire swim till her hearts content, pop in my gummi headphones, crank up the old ipod and get lost in a good book. Lets face it, it really is my only {me time}.
Many a time I have invited friends to the pool only to sit in the lounge chair and chat, noticing my friends uncomfortable glances toward their flailing children in the pool. Many a time I've wanted to say, feel free to swim with your kids. I just want to sit here and read.

Rude, I know.

I know other moms think I'm rude and anti-social, but really, when it comes to reading, I don't have much time to do it, and when you love it like I do, I am dying for summer by the pool ALL YEAR LONG. My white porcelain skin needs all the rays it can get and my brain needs some candy. Call me on the phone, email me, come sit on my couch or porch and I'll chat morning until night. Just not by the pool.
Now, that I ruined all my friendships. I'll give you the heads up on my summer reading. :D

I just finished this last week. Great book!!! You must know that I LOVE young adult fiction and this one does not let you down. If you would like to read what I think is an accurate review, go here.
I picked up this next book at the Library today. Shannon Hale has got to be one of, if not my FAVORITE author. I've been a little behind on her books and I have lots of catching up to do. Can't wait to dive into it this evening. My favorite books by her are Goose Girl and Enna Burning. I highly recommend them. I never thought I liked fairytale fantasy books until I read these. Don't ask me why this book jumped off the shelf at Walmart and into my cart. More than anything it it could have been the cute pic on the cover. I've read the first few pages and know this will be a great read for our summer vacation. If you'd like to read a review go here.
Any other summer reading musts???? Please let me know. I'm always up for a great book-- nothing too heavy, I want BRAIN CANDY!!!!


Jessica said...

I sam in a book club here and have read a couple of good ones. We just finished These is my words by Nancy Turner. If you are in the moos for romance, time travel, and adventures then The Outland series by Diana Gabauldon is really good. It is an adult novel instead of youth. I have loads more, but I will stop there. :o)

Amanda said...

That is too funny:) I *wish* I could read at the pool---even before L was born (and P can swim) I am too paranoid to take my eyes off him at the pool. I haven't had much time to read at all since L got mobile:( I'll live through your book reviews this summer:)

Wendy said...

I hate to socialize when I'm holding a good book in my hand too!

Thanks for the link to my review :)

My name is Andrea said...

Ha that's funny!! I love to go to our pool and chat it up with my girls from the 'hood...(hi Ann!!) but sometimes I go over and just hope that no one is there so I can sit in a corner and read!! I feel guilty reading at home, but at the pool, I feel totally justified!!! I've been reading Elder Holland's book, "Broken Things to Mend." I would love to find a great fiction book that I could really jump into!