Monday, June 29, 2009

♥pRoJeCtS♥ & Update

Things have continued to move forward over here


Summer continues to quickly slip away.

I managed to complete

TWO professional development classes in the last week

(only one more left this summer)

I've started piecing my quilt-- cross your fingers friends


I've completed the following two items

not to mention

{Swimming Lessons}

oh, my hotness Swimming lessons

never again, outdoors in the summer.

Since I will miss
I decided to crank these out at the last minute.
Let's hope they fit :D


Amanda said...

cool, cool bag! I mean I love the apron...but I never wear aprons...maybe b/c I never cook? LOL:) I do bake a lot but I just never wear my good clothes when I do it. And swim lessons do sound like HOTNESS for the parent!

Miss Marie said...

I love your apron!! I've never seen a "fitted" apron. Be cute while cooking :)

Tranquility said...

I love the bag and that apron is so cute!

Ashley said...

THe CUTEST apron I've ever seen!!!! You are incredible!

cynthi said...

Oh my goodness, so cute--all of it!
Thank you again for the baby gifts! My, you have been busy lately!

Janette said...

Oh. My. Cuteness.

That is the cutest apron ... and those little robeez knock-offs are so. dang. adorable.

Janie said...

you beat me to the punch - her shoes fit and the are A. Dor. A. ble!!!!!!

you kill me - really you do - I am proud of a folded pile of laundry and you crank out such amazingness.