Thursday, August 6, 2009

I ♥ San Antonio, A Birthday Best

This year I wanted to do something out of the ordinary and exciting for my 30th birthday. I told Dylan I wanted to be wild and crazy. His comment was, "Sarah, what would be wild and crazy for you?" Not because I am wild and crazy already, but because, I literally have no concept of wild and crazy. I told him I was going to get a tattoo-- he just laughed-- he knows me I would NEVER get a tattoo.

What I came up with was a trip to San Antonio, with my best gal pal. He gladly obliged. How wild and crazy, huh?

We Pricelined a car and drove this. It was dark purple-- Dylan thought it was cool, I thought it was a grandma car. It was really nice-- I would drive it over my corolla any day, but definitely not my 1st choice.

On our way we discovered San Marcos. I will be going back there.

The Priceline gods must have been laughing their heads off at this one. We bid for a 4 star room and got the Emily Morgan Hotel. Neither of us had heard of it and so we googled it and found this, and much more about it being haunted. It was kind of eerie.The room was amazing, high ceilings and all. Loved the architecture! And the view!

Gargoyle faces looking in the windows, not so much.

Our hotel was a mere 14 steps from the AMAZING ALAMO. This history addict LOVED it!
WE enjoyed great Mexican food at Casa Rio.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Riverboat tour of San Antonio at sundown. More history for me!!!

On our way out on Tuesday Janie spotted a little Airbrush tattoo kiosk. I decided I would get one just to see what Dylan would do. He flipped his lid. He thought it was real, and was mad at me. It was hilarious. In perfect Sarah fashion, I scrubbed it off in the morning before Claire could see it.
More, than anything I got the chance to enjoy the company of one of my best friends in the whole world. While I think both of us wished we had our hubbys with us too, we had a blast. A girls weekend is highly unusual for me. I loved it and was so glad I got to share it with Janie!


Colle said...

That sounds like such a fun thing to do for your birthday! I think I want to do something like that next year on my 30th. I hope you had a happy birthday!!!

Brianne said...

I love that you got a fake tattoo and freaked Dylan out! Glad you had a fun birthday trip... you deserve it!

Amanda said...

How funny about the car and tattoo:) Glad you enjoyed it:) and I am sure you thought I was a freak b/c I didn't love the Aalmo:)

Janette said...

I need to catch up on you, but let me get this straight ... if you WERE to get a tattoo ... it would be on your boob?! My brothers call those titty tats. Hilarious. And crude. But, still hilarious.

Happy birfday.

Erin said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! I love San Antonio, too. So many fun things to see and do. Happy Birthday!

Juli said...

Janette, that's awesome! Sarah, you are awesome! Kel would have gone a-wal!

Lisa said...

How awesome! Happy Birthday! I have stayed at that hotel before and I also got it on priceline! I LOVE priceline. I once got a mustang GT rent a car for $9 per day!

Anonymous said...

Loved the prank! Absolutely Hilarious. Happy Birthday. Isn't it amazing that neither one of us look a day over 25? heehee

Tranquility said...

How fun! I haven't been on a 'girl' trip in years!
I LOVE San Antonio - it's one of my favorite cities!
For my 30th birthday, we had an 80's style rollerskating party - we booked the rink and had them play all those old skating games from my childhood - everyone dressed in their 80's favorites - all 80's music - it was so much fun!

There is just something about that 30th birthday that requires a little extra craziness! ;)

Happy Birthday - glad to hear it was such a fun time!

The Rudy Family said...

Just visiting from the blogfrog thought I would say hi and love your blog!

Bree said...

I'm a butt face and didn't get to tell you happy birthday. Ugh. Dylan even told us it was your birthday and in my haste to pack and get out to Boston, I let it slip my mind. I'm so sorry. What a sucky friend.

However, I am so jealous of your girls weekend! And I want a bigger picture of the tattoo! HAHA! I love that!