Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Update!

Yes, life has been just a little crazy around here!!!!
Saw this writing spider this afternoon
and it was my reminder
I have lots of writing to do
This coming week is college week at my school and Claire's
I had my mom send me a BSU t-shirt, but I totally forgot about Claire.
We had fun making her one tonight.
This last week was full: (aren't they all?)
  1. We started out the week celebrating my brother's 29th birthday
  2. Then Claire stayed home sick two days in a row
  3. We had one trip to pediatric after hours
  4. We found out she had a virus, not strep
  5. Only to get our insurance cards two days later
  6. Only to find out we got hosed on our insurance and will be cancelling it this week.We opted out of adding Dylan and Claire to my insurance because we thought we found it cheaper for them online. Everything seemed to check out, we paid our first premium and enrollment fee. We got the cards and paperwork on Friday. The premium was some how miscalculated and will now be $100 more a month.
  7. Bull!!!!
  8. I went bowling with some of the teachers from school. They have their own league and meet once a month. Tons of fun!!!!
  9. I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law and brother
  10. We are so excited for them to have a baby
  11. Dylan got what Claire had
  12. Man Cold Video from YouTube played through my mind constantly this weekend. He is two years older me and I still have to tell him to take his medicine. Don't complain to me if you haven't taken any medicine for it.
  13. I think we made AT LEAST four trips to Walgreens this week. AHHHH!
  14. This coming week-- dare I say it looks a little more open than the previous ones have been.
I'm sure that will change sometime tomorrow.


Texas Lisa said...

busy week!

My name is Andrea said...

I'm glad that you are updating, love to read what you are up to!!

And I had to LOL, because the man-cold video went through my mind this weekend, too. Maris has one! Argh. Poor babies. We should put he and Dillon in a room together and let them whine it out!! :o)

Janette said...

I love that picture of Claire and I hate sketchy insurance companies. :D