Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's One In All Of Us

I remember being a kid and my mom telling me to change my clothes,
I looked like a weirdo.
I remember wondering what was wrong with what I was wearing.
Still to this day I stress about every outfit.
Fashion sense is definitely not my forte.
This kiddo has those same jeans!!!
Part of me wants to let her embrace her originality.
Another piece, just wants her to look normal when we go out into public?
Your opinion? We are dying to take Claire to see this.
One book Dylan and I LOVE.
The movie does not look disappointing.

It looks amazing!!!

A few weeks back we were invited to a Hot Dog roast and couldn't go.

Since then we have been promising to go to the woods and do one.

The weather doesn't like our promises and Claire has been quite annoyed by it.

So we made s'mores in the microwave and roasted hot dogs in the fireplace.

Not quite the same feeling,

but Claire was satisfied.

Claire is constantly saying,

"What can we do fun as a family?"
The other night her idea was make puppets.

This is her and Dylan's puppet show.


She always keeps us laughing.

We are most definitely in the crazy face stage.

Which is perfect cause with the stress level around here

She is the comedy "RELIEF"

She and dad have a good thing going right now.
I often find myself, just a tinge jealous of their after school time.
I am just so glad that she gets to come home to someone after school.
They have their own little routine.
Practice piano, snack, clean room, play or watch some TV.
See that smile.
Kind of feel like its me every day.
Smiling most every day, even when its fake.
The stress has begun to take its toll.
I must admit it.
I wish I could report, that everything is perfect.
Its not.
Its hard.
While it may be getting easier in some aspects, like getting into a routine.
Other aspects seem to be getting harder.
Oh, to love the roller coaster of life.
Men are that they might have joy!!!
I'm still learning that part.
I have A LOT to learn.
Happy October!!!
I love this time of year!


Amanda said...

loved your update...but as usual I am afraid I don't have anything useful to say. I hope things get better for you in the very near future.

Eliza said...

I, too, think that the movie will not disappoint. That Claire sure is a cutie!

Amber Hooten said...

I so LOVE hearing your updates. I had a job interview Friday for an English teacher position at the middle school here in San Angelo. If I get this job I will be in your boat where I will be stressed and Clay will get the opportunities to spend time with the girls where I once did. I need this job, but I will miss being home as I am sure you do. Good luck with everything! You inspire me!

Janette said...

I think you're doing a great job, Sarah!!! I'm still learning that part too. It's painful. I'm ready to be done learning it already. I think of you often. xoxo.

LaFish said...

Love peeking in on your cute fam. That Claire is quite the character. Keep on keepin' on - miss you and all of my "peeps" :)

The Moose said...

totally let her wear what she wants --- within reason! I let William do his own hair on Fridays - no matter how crazy it is.

Bethanne said...

Oh, Sarah, you would've loved Leah's outfit on Friday. It was terrible! But if that is the least of our worries, then...oh well! :) Seriously though I should take a pic. of some of the things she puts together!