Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's just a linen closet

photo courtesy: Martha Stewart Website

Martha states,

"In the ideal linen closet everything is visible. Everyday items are easy to reach, and seasonal items, such as baskets of beach towels, are on the top and bottom shelves. It saves time to group linens according to size and the room they're used in; the stacks are spaced apart, which allows linens to breath and allows you to find what you need easily."

Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty bug Thursday evening, and I've been under the weather. Not fun.

Even more not fun, being home when your husband decides he's going to clean and rearrange the linen closet.

If you can't stand anal retentive people, please stop reading NOW! I am anal retentive and you will officially hate the monster that I am by the end of this post.

Now, initially the linen closet would not cause disharmony in my home. While we have been known to argue over the "proper" way to fold towels, never before has the linen closet been the cause of contention.
Before I begin, a few facts you must know:

*my husband was raised in a house full of boys, who were in charge of their own laundry (don't get me wrong, his mother educated him on proper folding and storage technique, he just decided that technique doesn't matter, technique takes too long.)
*I used to pride myself in being a domestic goddess
*I can no longer claim that title, but I think my husband officially can :o)
*I have been known to have minor freak outs/panic attacks when things aren't in order
*No I have not been clinically diagnosed yet

Friday morning, feeling as though I am on deaths door, lying on the couch with a 102 temp and my husband says, "oh, yeah, I've been meaning to clean out this hall linen closet." (Definitely one of the the selling features in my home, I ♥ good storage spaces-- don't mess w/my storage spaces.)

In my fever induced stupor, I moan, "Anything you want dear."

Five minutes later, in a moment of clarity I realize what has just occurred. All my white folded linens were just piled into an old plastic comforter bag and thrown to the top of my linen closet. I swear I heard a, "bombs away!" as they flew to the top shelf.

I find myself, craning my neck to see where he places every last washcloth, and dictating his every move. Even worse, when he leaves to carry towels to the upstairs linen closet I sneak over to refold and replace things. When I hear him coming I fly back to the couch and commence my moaning.

I sound despicable don't I.

Eventually we argue. Of course we did. Here he was helping out and I was undermining everything he was doing. Unfortunately, I do that a lot. Not one of my best features.

As we argue I blame him. I blame, that he has changed every aspect of my life blah, blah, blah. I can't even have my linen closet the way I want anymore, blah, blah, blah.

He argues that I am not grateful. In my heart of hearts I know he is right.

He is right, because moments earlier as I was experiencing a panic attack refolding the towels and moving sheets back to their rightful shelf, I was asking myself, WHY???? Why, am I home sick, and stressing over sheets on a shelf?

Going back to work has been one hell of an adjustment.
I know that I am not the only woman in the world going through this.

It's not his fault. Its not mine. Its not the President's.

It's life.

It's a linen closet. And bless his heart, he was doing it for me.

A few things I've witnessed in my husband in the last few months,
  • He is one of the most versatile, roll with the punches people I know

  • He is an AMAZING dad

  • He is a great cook

  • He can get ALL of the laundry done in one day. Meaning, washing, folding and putting away. A feat I could rarely accomplish by myself.

  • He would do anything for anyone

  • He has unshakable faith

  • He continues to love me even when I am at my worst

I'm sure there's so much more, that I could have seen or noticed, but I have been too worried about how my towels were folded and the dust on my baseboards to realize. While I'm away, he's home putting together the pieces I leave behind every morning.

The tables have definitely turned. I can honestly say I have questioned why many times. I think I know at least one reason. So that I can chill out, and enjoy the beautiful blessings I have been given. First and foremost, one of the greatest husband's around.

Okay, enough sucking up. He doesn't even read my blog. Will one of you email this to him. I'm sick, and want to sleep in my own bed now. :D


kira lee said...

wow. i so needed to read this.

The Moose said...

Can I just copy everything you wrote and send it to MY husband? Get out of my head Sarah!

mary elizabeth said...

great post, i hope you are feeling better.

and you won my giveaway but i need your address to send it to you!

Janette said...

Girl. I'm so with you. You had me laughing ... in a good way. Because if we aren't laughing, we're crying. xoxo.

House of Borjas said...

Sounds all too familiar . . . only I haven't got to the point where I'd let anyone rearrange the linen closet. Makes me think maybe I should since I'm not the only one home all day. It might just be okay after all.

Eve said...

Ooh... you poor thing. Get better!

Sounds like a good guy to have around. Yeah, my husband would make a better domestic, uh, (whatever you'd call him), than I ever will! ;)