Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Mini Miracle

It's no surprise
mornings have become a little crazy
at our house
Now that Dylan is working
and we all leave around the same time each morning
pure chaos
can be found in the
Rager Household
So a week ago when my colleagues and I were
having our usual crazy lunch time discussion
the conversation turned to teaching kids
A friend claimed the best thing she ever did was buy
her kiddos an alarm clock when they were young
claiming that when her kids were little
they thought it was a game
to get up and get ready
with the alarm clock
My thought was
after two weeks of griping,
rushing and hurrying in the mornings
we had a family meeting
to discuss how we could be more helpful
in the mornings
making lunches the night before, laying clothes out
and who is in charge of what in the mornings all that stuff
we gave Claire and old alarm clock we had laying around
you'd have thought Santa came
still I didn't really believe it would work
Guess who was laying in my bed dressed when
I finished getting ready and walked out the the bathroom?
since September
I've had to do everything short of bribing
to get the kid dressed in the morning
and all it took was
an teeny tiny little


Erin said...

I need to invest in two of those.

Cynthi said...

That is a great tip! It's funny how a little "grown-up" item can bring out the responsibility in a kid!

Amanda said...

LOL:) Glad it worked! We have never needed an alarm clock ever since P was born! NO JOKE! I think the ONLY time we set our alarm ever was Liam's ear tube surgery day...and we did need to cause L was up all night......But I might need to use that trick on L in a few years:)

My name is Andrea said...

I love my kids' alarm clocks. They all get up on their own, when they want to. BEST. Invention. EVER.

Janie said...

Worked for my kids too, although I hate to listen to three alarm clocks in the morning - it does get them going!!

kira lee said...

i wish an alarm clock magically made me want to get out of bed in the morning