Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I ♥

I have been using this lotion for a couple years now, but I didn't realize until this winter how much I ♥ it!!!!
I had the worst dry skin this winter and found this lotion to be AMAZING. So amazing that when I would shower the next day I could still feel the lotion on my legs. I love it!!!
It also does wonders if you put it on your heels before bed, you'll have baby soft feet in the morning. I'm tellin' ya this lotion is the bees knees :D

I have always been a fan of Gap scents, but I discovered this scent last week and fell in love.
I love very clean light smells, and this is ME!!!!

Just a few things I have been ♥ -ing


Anonymous said...

well i love you!! hahahaha i really really do! :) i want to come visit soon!!!

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

Dito what kiki said. Love ya tons!! And, now I might need to try that lotion for my dry knuckles! :)