Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Fish Is Back

The pool opened today.
The first words out of Claire's mouth this morning were
Its May 1st.
The pool opens today.
Can we go?
I complied
under one condition,
when her lips turn purple
we were going home.
She agreed to my terms
It was cold and she was shaking and she did not want to leave.
Crazy kid.
More like crazy mom for letting her.
As long as I didn't have to get wet I didn't care.
Summer is right around the corner now.
I can't wait :D


Amanda said...

kids are CRAZY!!!!! P was invited to a party today at the reserve pool from someone in his class. The kid invited the whole class and only like 6 kids came. I could not believe they all went swimming for 2 hours!!!!! He was purple and shaking!!!!! I can't take L in this cold water so P won't be going again for quite sometime....but they had a blast...although P almost forgot how to swim from last summer when he went down the slide first thing....he panicked a bit but then got it:) However...another little girl was drowning and the lifeguard had to jump in...pretty scary. sorry about the book...Steve has been out of town all week and I guess I am craving someone to talk ADULT!

Anonymous said...

I've always been the same way! It's almost more thrilling when it's extra cold. haha. I loved doing the polar bear dips at girl's camp. But I love lakes way better than pools.

Renee said...

Hey Sarah! Good to hear from you! How are you guys? I can't believe how grown up Claire is. You guys look great!