Monday, May 24, 2010

We are in the single digits now. . .

I have a few thoughts on my mind. . .

1. Mr. Nielson, Nie Nie is so lucky to have you

2. To my students who have googled me and found my blog:
I ♥ You!!!
{For the adults out there, this is the worst insult you could ever tell a teenager, never under any circumstance tell them that you love them:o}

3. My little girl is growing way too fast, every day I want to snuggle and talk and she is quickly telling me she is too big to sit on my lap and that she is not my baby.{This is me shedding a tear}

4. Dylan's job is going well, he always comes home with VERY interesting stories. A big shout out to the interesting people he helps every day. Thank You!!!

5. TAKS scores are in and ALL of my students passed. {This is me celebrating}

6. Helloooooo out there to my few{using that word very liberally} faithful friends and readers. . . it has been too long. I've missed you. . . . I even have a few posts waiting on my draft page. Thinking about renaming my blog. . . Confessions of a Summer Blogger. . . catchy don't ya think????

7. Well, better go to bed I still have 8 days of school left don't ya know :D

Peace Out!!!!

p.s. how does a quick blog post turn into a 45 min ordeal every time????

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The Moose said...

See, now I am living through your posts because I don't have time to post anything on mine! i WILL see you and hang with you this summer. You can try to hide, but I know where you live.