Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Family Home Evening}

She always has the greatest ideas and best tutorials.
Lately she has posted some of the
most ingenious things to do with the kiddos during summer.
Yesterday, this was her post and we decided to try it for FHE.
It was successful and we all had a blast!!!

Claire went to bed saying, "How did that sock make bubbles?"

Who knew so much fun could come from:
an old water bottle,
an old sock,
dish soap.
a little water.
Who can make the longest bubble snake at your house?


Anonymous said...

Ok, so Sarah? Is it bad of me to think that the picture of Dylan looks like he's taking a hit from a bong?? LOL Sorry, so sorry.

Looks like a fun time. I might steal it for a YW summer activity.


Janette said...

I don't know who can make the longest one ... but, thanks to you, we'll find out this weekend!! xoxo.