Friday, July 16, 2010

When It Rains It Pours Blessings

This week has been one of those weeks you just pray will end.

  1. Dylan had to go to Oklahoma AGAIN!

  2. The day he left our A/C in our house died

  3. Dylan's computer crashed when he reached OK City-- forcing him to turn around and come home. He arrived home at 2 a.m. and turned around and left at 5 a.m.-- He had 8 a.m. appointments in OK City he had to make.

  4. Homeless for 3 days waiting for the A/C to get fixed.

  5. Claire lost my wedding ring

  6. Cable went out for 2 days

  7. Dylan rear-ended someone in Tulsa

  8. Went out to the truck to head to the store and the truck wouldn't start

A lot for one week right, and that's just the big stuff, but because of this I witnessed blessings with each thing that happened.

  1. So grateful that my husband has a job, even if he has had to travel a lot. They take good care of him and he even got a bonus this week.

  2. I was blessed to find someone who could fix our A/C for basically the same price Dylan could have-- I didn't have to go a whole week w/out it-- how did they do it 100 years ago???

  3. Because Dylan had to come home in the middle of the night we had a heart to heart and discussed some feelings that we both had been having--which probably would not have happened had he not come home

  4. I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such great friends. Phone calls, emails and invitations to sleep over were in abundance. A big thanks to Janie for letting me cry on her shoulder-- in the middle of her daughters b-day party and a comfortable bed to sleep in, Sara for a yummy dinner, fun evening, and the number of the A/C repairman.

  5. We looked for the ring and could not find it anywhere. I prayed and immediately it was found under the bed.

  6. After working with AT&T for more than two hours over the phone in my very hot house and accomplishing nothing, I was able to get the cable back on my own-- a process of reboot, reboot, and reboot some more. Claire thought the world was going to end w/out T.V.

  7. Dylan's little accident resulted in NOTHING--- thank heavens!!!!

  8. The nice neighbor guy was able to jump the truck for me and I was able to go get the battery replaced.

It's amazing to me how each time something came up the blessings came quickly. I feel so blessed.

Last but not least, Claire pulled out her other tooth with NO drama. I wasn't even aware until she came and told me she had pulled it. I have a feeling her school pictures will be lacking two front teeth :D Enjoy your weeked!!!!


Lisa said...

you are very strong for being able to count your blessings in all that...

LaFish said...

Sheeeesh! What a week. You are a trooper!

Bree said...

Love this post Sar. What a week!

Check this out-- you free someday this week?

My name is Andrea said...

I love you, and your positive attitude. :)