Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Is What I Have Been Up To!!!!

For some crazy reason I wanted to make a quilt for my
sister's wedding
this monthI've made small quilts
but nothing this big
It was definitely a challenge
but I learned a lot!!
The funniest thing I learned was:
disappearing ink
I marked my lines one night
and got up in the morning
to start sewing
and to my surprise
the disappearing ink
didn't last as long as I expected.
Kira, you did a great job picking the colors!!!
I like to call it
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

This is where I got my pattern
♥ this quilt blog


Amanda said...

u rock! I luv the colors. and I still can't get used to the comment button being at the top of the post!

Janie said...

holy cow - it came out gorgeous!!!!!!!!

you amaze me. - It would take me a year at it wouldn't be half as good.

who am I kidding - I can't even thread my sewing machine.

Nikki said...

Seriously amazing! You and my MIL are the only people I've ever known of talented enough to pull off something that incredible. Gorgeous.

mary elizabeth said...

this is beautiful!! i'm so in love with it -- you did a rockin' job (and good job to kira, the color combo is GORGEOUS!)!

Brianne said...

So pretty! Love the colors too. Go Sarah!

Janette said...

I want you to make one for me. Serious. xoxo.

Janette said...

I'll pay you. ;)

Colle said...

That is way pretty! I want to make a quilt someday like that!

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again - u are uber talented! i love the quilt.

kira lee said...

i LOVE it!!! you did so awesome! can't wait to have it on my bed!!!