Sunday, October 17, 2010

Does The Spirit Drive A Car???

Claire was sent to the naughty spot this evening for using crude language.
This was the conversation I overhead as Dylan discussed using appropriate language with her.
Dylan: When you use language like that it's vulgar.
Claire: Vulgar??? That sounds like Ogre.
Dylan: Yes it does. It means that you say things that are bad and not appropriate.
Claire: Ok, but it sounds like Ogre.
Dylan: Kind of. When you use vulgar language you drive the spirit away.
Claire: The Spirit has a car????
Dylan: No, when you say bad words and talk about things that you shouldn't the Spirit can't be with you. It quickly goes away.
Claire: So he doesn't have a car?
Dylan: No. He just leaves.
I was laughing my head off. Kids, where do they get this stuff????